Our Charity was formed in 2013 by Michael and Kerry- Ann Gallivan as a tribute to Kerry -Anns father Danny Gallivan. Danny spent all his life serving his country firstly in the Irish Guards and later in his career he became a paratrooper in the Guards Independent Parachute Company, seeing active service in Malaya, Aden and Libya.

As well as being an exemplary solider Danny was also a brilliant Engineer and was responsible for building some of the first remote controlled” robots” that were designed in 1972 and use by British Army bomb disposal teams operating in Northern Ireland.

On his return to “Civvy Street” Danny was a strong supporter of Military Charities that raised much needed funds for Veterans from all conflicts who needed a helping hand.

Danny passed away in August 2012 but before he left us he inspired his family to carry on helping our service men and women who after serving our country have fallen on hard times. Please help us help them – Thank you.

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